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Garden Clearance Service

Garden Clearance Service

Garden Clearance can be a difficult and time consuming job. This is where we at RWR House Clearance can help. We have dedicated teams on standby to get that waste removed from your property. So whether it is items that have been left behind by an old tenant or have been victim to illegal fly tipping we can help you today.

So what can we remove?

Anything is the simple answer. The list is endless! We can remove hedge trimmings, leaves, bushes ,grass, turf , branches, soil, stones, DIY rubble, wood, pots, sheds, garden furniture, garage equipment, sheds, BBQ’s, felled trees, children’s play equipment, scrap metal. But the list doesn’t end here! Feel free to contact us if you can’t find your waste. We will be more than happy to assist!

What if the waste is a structure do we dismantle bulky items?

Here at RWR House Clearance we do offer a dismantling service at no extra charge. If you have an old shed, a wardrobe, furniture or a shelving unit that you can’t take apart yourself our staff will do it for you. We come fully equipped with all the tools, whatever the items may be.

The dismantling service is free of charge but you could incur additional cost through our operatives having to spend extra time on site. Please speak to one of our friendly service team to discuss your requirements.

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